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Ultimate Adventures of Peru



Being an adventurous person, nothing suits you best than having a walk or trekking in one of the most magnificent places on earth. It gives you a unique experience of viewing the magical snowcapped mountains in Peru. The huge and lovely mountained country is such a fun filled paradise. Trekking via the Inca Trail, you will cover approximately forty three (43) kilometers and take you roughly four days to get to the City. The trail is the most famous and exciting way to get you to the Inca City of Machu Picchu. It winds up its way up and down the beautiful Andes Mountain range. This view gives you a nice breathtaking picture of Andean environments which showcase the alpine tundra as well as the cloud forest.


The exotic flowers and awesome vistas are the first view as you approach the Inca City.


There are a number of different trails to get you to the Inca City which includes the Lares Trek which is approximately forty (40) kilometers. Trekking on this trail gets you away from the crowds of people and you also get to enjoy the culture of the Incas. It also allows you much comfort as your luggage is carried by horses unlike the Incas Trail whereby porters give support.  Another route that is equally adventurous to the lost city is the Salkantay Trail which will take you approximately sixty (60) kilometers. To understand more about hiking, visit http://www.ehow.com/how_2189086_pack-hiking-backpack.html.


This trail ensures that you go higher and you can also see the glaciers closer than any other trail. It is a really nice trail for camping beneath the beautiful glaciers giving you a unique view of Machu Picchu. The Inca Trail offers the very best there is, a beautiful challenge. It is a fascinating sight for people from all walks of life regardless of age .You will totally love this beautiful scenery. On the edge of the sacred valleys of the Inca City, Cuzco emerges. It is an ancient city with ruins that were left by the Incas and widely known for the archaic remains and Spanish architectural designs of buildings. It's surely evident that it was their capital city, click for more!


The best time to visit is mostly June to August which is the dry season. It offers you a perfect temperature for hiking and trekking. However it could a little bit more coldly in the mountains. The other months could get quite too warm and wet also. Another period suitable is December to May whereby it's possible to visit the uplands. You get to enjoy quieter trails as well as the odd rain showers. In this time period it could get humid and wet hence making the trails muddy. Peru is surely is paradise by itself. Know about Evolution Treks Peru here!